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Company: Global Beverage Co.
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Brand: Jolt Cola
Ad Title: Fantasy
Business Category: Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Media Outlets: Television
Country: United States
Region: North America, US Regional
Agency: Red Chili Solstice
Year: 2000
Target: Mainstream


GLBT Inclusion

Male-Fantasy Lesbian

Theme Breakdown

AdRespect Score: 
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A young couple are in a convertible at a makeout point overlooking the city.

The girl asks, "I want you to be totally honest with me. When we kiss, do you ever, you know, fantasize that I'm somebody else?"

He looks over at the pubescent girl and she morphs into a mature, sexy vixen wearing a tight-fitting leopard skin outfit.

"No," he says, "when we kiss, you're always just...you."

As she takes a swig of the cola, she innocently says, "I just wanted to know." She then looks over at him and HE morphs into the same sexy woman he'd fantasized about. This time, the woman licks her lips AND winks at the young woman, who says, "Woah!"

The tagline is: "Get a Jolt."

It's not clear if the girl is bisexual, experimenting, or what, but the message is an accepting one.

The concept of this commercial was originally pitched by the ad agency creators to Pepsi, who thought it was too cutting edge for them. It was recycled for Jolt and introduced first to Canada.


Jon , Irving, TX
It made me buy Jolt. Hot lesbians could sell bags of crap and al ot of people would buy it.

Carol , New York City
I have studied all the bisexual ads in the collection and this is by far my favorite. While most bisexual women are portrayed as vixens with rampant libidos prone to having orgies, this shows a realistic bisexual girl who is not objectified in that way. Most bis are capable of forming real heterosexual or homosexual relationships. We keep the other half of our orientation in the fantasy realm, just as this teenager does. I also find this ad unique because it portrays the sexuality of a young girl, bringing light to the fact that some people know their orientation at a young age.



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