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Is Coke gay friendly or not?
Posted by: Mike Wilke
Coca-Cola earned a perfect 100 from the Human Rights Campaign in the US and just debuted a commercial in the UK featuring a gay wedding. But it cut the wedding scene for the commercial in Ireland and has chosen to sponsor the winter Olympics in Russia, which is coming under heavy fire for its new anti-gay law and indifference to homophobic violence.

James Franco Dropped By Advertising Campaigns Over His Gay Themed Films

Posted by: Adam Stazer

In a red carpet interview last week at SXSW, James Franco suggested that he has been dropped from three advertising campaigns due to his involvement in two gay-oriented films he put out at Sundance, and not due to his image as the companies reported. He produced Kink and co-directed and starred in a forthcoming Travis Matthews film, Interior.Leather Bar. Franco suggested that this exemplifies the homophobia that still exists in American media. As many advertisers have already begun to notice, gays and lesbians will only continue to become an increasingly visible part of American society. While the exact reason for Franco having been dropped from these campaigns is unclear at this time, the depiction of raw gay sexuality as portrayed in these films was no doubt part of the conversation. Other explicit films depicting heterosexual sex rarely if ever raise an eyebrow among the public, and neither should these.

Gay-Themed Ads Are Becoming More Mainstream

Posted by: Danielle

Above is an article posted by the Huffington Post regarding the new Kindle ad that features a gay couple. I've been delighted to see this Kindle commercial running fairly often. What Kindle did really well in this ad was incorporate a gay couple into a story line that didn't center around their orientation. They essentially normalized this couple and more importantly they weren't necessarily the punchline. This is the best type of integration for LGBT couples in advertisements because it doesn't play off their perceived differences as a joke. Eventually more same-sex couples will seamlessly be incorporated into advertising, and it’s novelty will wear off with every ad (which the article refers to a bit as ‘going mainstream’), but that’s simply the process of normalization which I think should be the ultimate goal.

Commercial Closet Resources

Fourth Annual Images In Advertising Awards Nominees


(See nominees from past events here.)

Outstanding Commercial - Mainstream Market

  1. Orbitz - Mullen - Halo
  2. Levi Strauss - Levi's - Bartle Bogle Hegarty - Change
  3. IAC Interactive - Chemistry.com - Hanft Byrne Raboy & Partners - Rejected
  4. Dolce & Gabbana -Dolce & Gabbana - in-house - Kiss
  5. Wrigley - Eclipse - Energy BBDO - Kiss

Outstanding Print/Outdoor Ad - Mainstream Market

  1. Spirits Marque 1 - Svedka Vodka - in-house - I go both ways - Sex With Men - Homometrosexual
  2. Macy's (East) - in-house - Let People Talk
  3. D&G - in-house - Sci-Fi men - Close Kiss women - Sci-Fi men 2
  4. Here TV - in-house - No Apologies (men) - No Apologies (women)
  5. BMW - GSD&M - Hard Top. Firm Bottom. It's so L.A. - When the Top's Away, the Car Will Play

Outstanding U.S. Print/Outdoor Ad - LGBT Market

  1. Johnson & Johnson - Tylenol PM - Deutsch - Tomorrow Awaits
  2. American Airlines - TM - Rainbow Light
  3. Subaru - Moon City - Camp - Being More Than You Expected
  4. Macy's (East) - in-house - Pride (men) - Pride (women)
  5. Washington Mutual/WaMu - Leo Burnett and Asterix - Joint Checking (men) - Joint Checking (women)

Outstanding Travel Campaign - LGBT Market

  1. LV CVB - Only Vegas - R&R Partners - Tan Lines - Photos
  2. Canadian Tourism Commission - DDB - Room to Breathe - Can Where You Go Bring Out Who You Are? - Not Straight
  3. San Francisco - M-Line - Bridge - Photos
  4. Minneapolis - in-house - A City Where You Can Be Yourself
  5. Switzerland Tourism - in-house -  - Daisies

Outstanding Diversity/Journal Ad - LGBT Market

  1. Hershey - in-house
  2. San Francisco 49ers - in-house
  3. Nike - in-house
  4. Best Buy - in-house
  5. Ernst & Young - in-house

Outstanding TV Campaign - LGBT Market

  1. General Motors - Cadillac - Logo In-House Creative & GM Planworks - Anita - Jeffrey - Linda - Rubin
  2. Levi Strauss - Levi's - Bartle Bogle Hegarty - Change
  3. American Airlines - TM Advertising - Right Person - Good Face Licking
  4. Subaru - Moon City - Florent
  5. Harrah's - Paris Las Vegas - R&R Partners - His And His

Outstanding Interactive Ad - LGBT Market

  1. Saab - Digitas - Not All Roads Are Straight
  2. Orbitz - 15 Letters - On Vacation Every Night is Ladies Night - Gay-friendly Getaways - Lesbian-friendly - Sarongs
  3. Chemistry.com - Hanft Raboy & Partners - No Issues Here - Gay Republicans Welcome - With Gay Pride
  4. Microsoft - Windows Live Messenger - in-house - How Are You Making A Difference?
  5. Travelocity - McKinney & Silver - Travel Gay Across the U.S.A - You Show Your Pride - It Pays To Be Gay - It Isn't Always This Obvious - Take Pride In Your Parade - Straight Up - Plan Your Own White Party

Outstanding Nonprofit Campaign

  1. GLAAD - in-house - Be An Ally And A Friend
  2. Outlive - Canada - Duncan Campbell Design - Grandma -Drag - Male Couple - Tiara - Female Couple - Asian Woman
  3. Gay Police Association - in-house - England - In The Name Of The Father ?
  4. Adoption San Francisco - Better World Advertising - Family Planning (women) - Family Planning (men) - Intelligent Design
  5. Garden State Equality New Jersey - Blue Jersey - Think Equal - Kaplan Thaler - Busy Family

Outstanding International Commercial - Mainstream Market

  1. Fido - Canada - Bos - Gay Couple
  2. Krung Thai - Bank Krungthai Card/KTC Thailand - Contract Advertising - Stand Up...Say I Am
  3. Ford Motor Co. - Australia - JWT - Gay Couple
  4. Banco Provincia - Argentina - El Cielo Buenos Aires - Don Luis and Perla
  5. Ask.com - UK - Decision Making

Outstanding International Print/Outdoor - GLBT Market

  1. Virgin Megastore - France - in-house - Votre Culture
  2. Nestle Pellegrino - France - LP Advertising & Public Relations - Buvez En Version Originale
  3. Hilton - France - Hilton Minibreaks
  4. Hornbach - Germany - Du Kannst Alles Sein...
  5. Paris & Ile De France Regional Tourism Committee - France - BDDP & Fils - Enjoy Rugby In the Capital of Love


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