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Gay-Themed Ads Are Becoming More Mainstream
Posted by: Lowie Jim Palisoc
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Is Coke gay friendly or not?

Posted by: Mike Wilke
Coca-Cola earned a perfect 100 from the Human Rights Campaign in the US and just debuted a commercial in the UK featuring a gay wedding. But it cut the wedding scene for the commercial in Ireland and has chosen to sponsor the winter Olympics in Russia, which is coming under heavy fire for its new anti-gay law and indifference to homophobic violence.

James Franco Dropped By Advertising Campaigns Over His Gay Themed Films

Posted by: Adam Stazer

In a red carpet interview last week at SXSW, James Franco suggested that he has been dropped from three advertising campaigns due to his involvement in two gay-oriented films he put out at Sundance, and not due to his image as the companies reported. He produced Kink and co-directed and starred in a forthcoming Travis Matthews film, Interior.Leather Bar. Franco suggested that this exemplifies the homophobia that still exists in American media. As many advertisers have already begun to notice, gays and lesbians will only continue to become an increasingly visible part of American society. While the exact reason for Franco having been dropped from these campaigns is unclear at this time, the depiction of raw gay sexuality as portrayed in these films was no doubt part of the conversation. Other explicit films depicting heterosexual sex rarely if ever raise an eyebrow among the public, and neither should these.

Commercial Closet Resources

Principle of Free Market Advertising Expression

Preamble: America's bedrock commitment to entrepreneurialism and to free markets is older than our nation itself. Free markets recognize the worth of every single consumer without discrimination. In our extremely competitive economy, no company today can afford to neglect or shun any of its customers.

Corporate leaders today have advanced principles of inclusion and equal respect for all in their hiring and employment practices, as well as their advertising and selling strategies. The shameful times are behind us when some companies turned their backs on people because of the color of their skin, their ethnic origin, their physical disability or religious faith. Today, inclusion truly means everyone, including gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) people.

Why? It is simply smart business for companies to market their products and services to every American. With $641 billion in buying power, GLBT households, along with millions of their family members and friends, play a critical role in the success of America's dynamic economy. They believe as we do that advertising their products respectfully to all customers helps their bottom line.

Although one-third of Fortune 500 companies and many others already have created inclusive marketing and advertising strategies, a handful of small groups have chosen to object to advertising that respects or targets gay and lesbian consumers. These groups apply rigid agendas to boycott and target companies for merely doing what any business has the absolute right to do --reach out to all potential customers.

America's free enterprise system deserves much better. Together, we can and must speak up and be heard today -- or choose to be silenced by a few. Thus we introduce two simple sentences as a fundamental Principle of Free Market Advertising Expression. We ask fair-minded business leaders, as well as professional and civil rights associations, to join us in public endorsement of our Principle…

CCA Principle of Free Market Advertising Expression:
In America, all companies have the basic right to determine their own market expression -- by advertising and selling to all customers respectfully and inclusively. We oppose all forms of attacks intended to disrupt free commerce based on intolerance or hostility toward any consumers, including gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

Commercial Closet Association invites corporations, ad agencies, and other organizations to endorse the Principle. Please contact us to join the endorser list!


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